Welcome to the world of
thinking by Ili Kaufmann

Beauty and logic
in perfect harmony


My name is Ili Kaufmann. I graduated from Tel Aviv university, Film department as well as Plastic arts and Music studies. All these combine into my thinking games which I have been making since 1992. Some of my puzzles are suitable for Life sentenced prisoners and some for those at home, on a plane or at a friend's house. Now, all that is left, is to unleash your imagination and creativity, while your search for the right answer. I invite you to enter my website where you find hundreds of logic riddles and matchsticks puzzles, which you are welcome to take a crack at while constantly discovering new content, for your playing pleasure. What more can I Add? Only that my puzzles are hand crafted, and their esthetic appearance, material quality and the product finishing touch, speak for themselves. If you wish to know me better, view an article about me, which was published in Jerusalem Post.



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